This is me


My name is Edo Koevoet. In 2003 I summited Mount Aconcagua (6962 m) in Argentina. Almost 10 years later one of the team members adviced me to participate in a 2-day workshop "Coaching based on inner motivations". I took the advice because I was curious and also because I had the idea that my development as an IT professional  was slowing down. I started to recognize a pattern in the topics I was running into and wanted to get rid of that pattern.  

My natural tendency was to solve everything by myself, preferably through hard work. I was convinced that through proper training I would become more efficient as a professional and save some time so I could work out (running). I've learned that in essence I wanted more of the same, that is to be more independent.

This workshop turned out to be the start of an entirely new direction in my life. Almost two years later, after a series of intensive trainings, I was certified and registered as a V-circle coach. In January 2014 I started Simplify Coaching. I'm convinced of the power and sustainability of V-circle coaching and I would like to dedicate my talent and experience as trainer and coach for the development of teams and professionals.