Personal and professional. We only work with certified coaches. They know their personal patterns and inner motivation by heart, so they are not distracted by nor projecting their personal topics on you. Consequently, we can focus for 100% on the needs of our customers.  

For businesses and professionals

Simplify Coaching offers its services for business and private customers. For specific team work assignments we collaborate with the V-circle Academy and registered V-Circle coaches such as Wendeline de Bouter. Please contact us. We are glad to help.

Team training

Are you forming a new team? Is your team stalled? You want a good team to perform even better? We love to go to work and bring your team to the next level. Based on the inner motivations of all team members we can faultlessly identify what are the team's key topics, and what's required to tackle these. Once the team members are conscious the team becomes conscious as well. And a conscious team performs way better than an unconscious team.

Personal coaching

Are you curious to learn more about your inner motivation? We will help you tackle the challenges you are currently facing. Your story is our starting point to identify your inner motivation. Are you tired and close to a burn-out? You are not being taken serious at work? It's time to change your job, but you have hard time making a proper choice? You want a more balanced relationship? Or a more dynamic one? You would like to introduce another topic? Please feel free to do so.