Team training


Ten good reasons to choose for Simplify Coaching 

  • You learn to use one another's core qualities
  • You get better at giving and receiving feedback
  • You gain understanding in key patterns of your team
  • You will feel more balanced and consequently perform better
  • You will be motivated to start acting yourself and achieve your goals
  • You learn to breakthrough your unconscious patterns in a sustainable way
  • You gain insight and consequently understanding for the inner motivation of your colleagues
  • You gain insight in your own inner motivation so you can be a better coach for yourself
  • In a trusted and safe environment you can discuss what you want to discuss
  • The training focuses on your topics, not on the topics of the coach

Our way of working

Team training is always custom made. In alignment with the client we define the training program. In this dialogue we focus on training targets, group size, location and so on. The training program content is always based on the building blocks of V-circle coaching.