From unconscious to conscious


Typically, people very well know what they want to change, but they don't know what's blocking them on an unconscious level. V-circle coaching provides you insight in the 95% you do unconsciously, enables you to breakthrough patterns and leads to lasting change.

V-circle coaching: from complaint to solution

Different persons can have the same complaint. The solution can be different because the problem can be different per person. The complaint "I'm bad at making choices" can be caused by multiple problems such a "I find it hard to limit myself", "I find it hard to profile myself" or "I find it hard to rely on myself".

To solve the complaint one must solve the underlying problem. To do so, you must have insight in your inner motivations. They are based on a series of so called limited beliefs. These beliefs support your ideal image and your comfort zone, but they also enlarge your problems. And now for the good news: when you understand your limited beliefs and its consequences, you can start to adjust them, set a new course and consequently breakthrough your unconscious patterns in a sustainable way.

The  opposite is also true. As long as a coach suggests solutions on the complaint level the impact will be limited and non-sustainable. The client may try to apply the solutions, but will fail due to the auto-pilot taking over again without him or her knowing. Our coaches resolve the underlying problems instead of the complaints. So, they will always first reveal the inner motivations as the basis for any solution moving forward.