Focus on YOUR problem


We belief a coach must be very well aware of his own inner motivations. If this is not the case the coach may project his own ideal image on your complaint. You would run the risk working on the problems of your coach instead of your own. And that's not why you choose to work with a coach.

An unconscious coach projecting: two examples on how it should not work

Everyone wants a pleasant life, but when this is fueled by your inner motivation this is what motivates you 24/7. A coach with this inner motivation has "pleasure" as ideal image, and wants to avoid "pain" no matter what. This person is a master in easing the pain. But sometimes you need people who put their finger on the sore spot.  Don't expect this coach to act like that.

A coach driven by the inner motivations that anything in life must comply with his personal standards is very well in sync with his own authority. A client that is in his comfort zone when being loyal to others is way less in sync with his own authority. This coach will easily reconigze the issue. But the advice "Trust more on yourself" is not compliant with the client's comfort zone and will have no or no lasting impact. Something else is needed to breakthrough that unconscious pattern.