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In personal and team sessions we only work with certified coaches. They know their personal patterns and inner motivation by heart, so they are not distracted by nor projecting their personal topics on you. Consequently, we can focus for 100% on the needs of our customers

The overview of all registered V-circle coaches (in Dutch) can be found here:

All V-circle coaches have been trained by Monique Schouten. She is a psychologist and internationally seen as the expert in the area of inner motivation, personality, enneagram and man type. The V-circle model she developed is widely appreciated as a theoretical framework to reveal one's inner motivations. She's an expert in making people aware of their unconscious patterns and V-circle type. Her company, the V-circle Academy in Laren, provides for post-HBO education, company trainings and lectures. For personal coaching or relationship therapy you can also contact the V-circle Academy. 

Hired by and in collaboration with Monique Schouten Simplify Coaching delivered a great 2 day training in July 2014 for an international sales team. Until that point in time trainings had only been delivered in Dutch. Many trainings in English where delivered thereafter for international companies up to and including SVP/CEO level. References are available on request.